So, once upon a time there was a guy with a lot of free time and a lot of things to talk about. He decided that the best way to share his ideas for the world is to put it all on the web. But there was a problem. He never really was satisfied with the usability of the site.

But in the end, he settled for something that was excellent. Something simple, something straight. Something that’s just this.

Site info

This site is made in docpad. It’s hosted on netlify+gitlab. The skeleton was created using the yo docpad generator.

I wanted to use Comic sans, like CERN uses, no really. But it is not for long reads for all, so I’ve switched to Oxygen, Helvetica Neue, etc.

The search box redirects you to site search of duckduckgo

What/How navigation?

I tried a lot to find a way to enable navigation links on the site. But there’s unfortunately a problem of categorization. My ideas do not come in categories. Most often they’re inter-categorical. There’s no way to put links under headings. I could put a page with links to everything. But that’d be equally stupid. So, for now there’s the search at the bottom. And pages are extensively linked to each other. You can go anywhere you want.

Who I am I?

I am ASD


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