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If you use computers, you should definitely know what FOSS and the open Web are.

You might also want to explore all the apps I like and read about security and privacy.

I love programming. Languages I use include javascript, java. Mostly I program for web development. I am also learning android development.

See also: AI


There is very little organized information about medicine on the Internet. There is no go-to website for a medical student to visit and read to their mind’s content when they are bored. I plan to do something towards this here. Right now I have a couple of links for you: ophthalmology, dermatology, obstetrics

Also read this list of cool resources for medicine


I believe in learning things as efficiently as possible. If you are a learner and want to learn any of the things I am interested in with me, please contact me


I am a rationalist, I call myself an atheist, and I usually am proactive in getting involved in religious issues because there are issues in religion. I am a feminist. My core values are Gandhian. I used to like thinking about spirituality.

Read more about my likes and dislikes


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