Facebook could have been the best thing on Internet. But the guys behind it have ruined it. It is now the antithesis of social networking.

Open Web

Facebook is killing the open web


Facebook does and again censor any content that it does not like, arbitarily, unilaterally, quite anti-socially. And no, I’m not talking about removing pictures of breastfeeding mothers.

Lies, misdirections

Facebook has created a “platform” (better called a partnership) titled Internet.org (better titled Facebook zero). For promoting this all kinds of lies have been sewn together about how it does not violate net neutrality, how it will bring Internet to the remote areas that do not have Internet yet, how it can even be called a set of basic services, etc.

To promote the above they went on a missed call campaign which operated like this:

This is misleading at best and a blatant lie

Squeezing money from pages

Despite pages receiving organic likes, the posts they make aren’t seen by users because Facebook intentionally hides posts from people. This is so that Facebook can later ask pages to pay Facebook to “boost posts”.

Delete Your Account

On 9th November, 2015, (coincidentally, the 11th birthday of firefox) I downloaded my data and permanently deleted my Facebook account.