My idea of a perfect exam is an open book exam.

If one can use any resource to answer a question, the question should be set such that just passively going through those resources would not help anyone in answering them.

I have tried to go through some such resources and compiled many (thought provoking?) questions on many pages. Some of these are genuine questions that needs answers. Some of these are already answered but you just need to look for them.

I do like questions like “What organ is analogous to the eyeball when talking about its 3 coats - fibrous, vascular, nervous”. I usually do have an analogy in mind, but there could be better ones. So, if you find any analogy, please send them to me.

I don’t put a lot of answers on this site, because that’d beat the purpose of open questions. But in case you’re stuck at something, you can ask me. I’ll be happy to help.