Mozilla moves forward on these ideas:

  1. The Internet is like the roads in our cities. It makes learning, talking, working together, business, fun, and everything in life much more easy than without it.
  2. The Internet is for everyone in the world. And it must be left so.
  3. The Internet must add to everyone's life.
  4. Using Internet must be safe for everyone.
  5. Everyone must be able to decide what to do with their Internet.
  6. The Internet becomes of use to everyone in the world only when the computers across the world speak the same language, people use them to create new things, and all people get to do so on their own.
  7. You must be able to run your computer in your own ways. And you must be able to let others run their computers in your ways. This helps in everyone being able to use the Internet easily.
  8. People should have a say in things that matter to them. This makes them a part of the team.
  9. Making money using Internet is good if it goes hand in hand with using Internet for everyone's good.
  10. Keep talking about how the Internet is good for everyone. It pays back.


The above is Mozilla's Manifesto in simple words. This was written in response to gerv's challenge to translate the manifesto to something that'll pass the XKCD writing checker.